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Inconel X-750 Springs

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Heat Treatments

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Inconel X-750 Springs - Heat Treatments

Product Form AMS Specifications Heat Treatment Remarks
Wire, No 1 temper 5698 1350°F/16 hr, Air Cool
(Constant-temperature precipitation treatment)
For springs requiring optimum resistance to relaxation from about 700°F to 850°F and at low to moderate stresses to about 1000°F
Wire, spring temper 5699 1200°F/4 hr, Air Cool (Constant-temperature precipitation treatment) High strength up to about 700°F.
Wire, spring temper 5699 2100°F/2 anneal + 1550°F/24 hr, AC + 1300°F/20 hr, Air Cool (Triple heat treatment). For springs for service requiring maximum relaxation resistance at about 850°F to 1200°F
Optimum Spring manufactures high-quality custom INCONEL alloy X-750 wire springs
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