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Inconel X-750 Springs

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Mechanical Properties

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Inconel X-750 Springs - Mechanical Properties

INCONEL alloy X-750 may be given any one of a variety of heat treatments. Each develops special properties and puts the product form in the best condition for its intended application. In all conditions, INCONEL alloy X-750 is resistant to oxidation up to 1800°F. The most often used heat treatments have been incorporated by the Society of Automotive Engineers in their AMS specifications for various product forms.

Depending on the application and the properties desired, various heat treatments are employed. For service above 1100°F, particularly where loads are to be sustained for long times, optimum properties are achieved by solution treating (2100°F) plus stabilization treating (1550°F) plus precipitation treating (1300°F). For service below 1100°F, the alloy may be strengthened by precipitation treating after hot or cold working or by precipitation treating after equalizing or solution treating. A furnace-cooling treatment is also used to develop optimum properties for some applications.

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