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  1. Spring Design Considerations
  2. Design stresses for helical springs at Elevated Temperatures
  3. Design stresses for flat springs at Elevated Temperatures
  4. Specifications for Spring Wire
  5. Room-Temperature Properties of Inconel Alloy X750 Wire for No. 1 Temper
  6. Room-Temperature Properties of Inconel Alloy X750 Wire for Spring Temper
  7. Room-Temperature Shear Properties of Inconel Alloy X750 Springs
  8. Relaxation of springs cold-coiled from No. 1 Temper wire
  9. Relaxation of springs cold-coiled from triple-heat-treated Spring Temper wire
  10. Relaxation at 1000°F vs time of Spring-Temper, triple-heat-treated springs
  11. Relaxation at 1100°F of Spring-Temper, triple-heat-treated springs
  12. Relaxation at 1200°F vs time of Spring-Temper, triple-heat- treated springs
  13. Relaxation at 1300°F of Spring-Temper, triple-heat-treated springs
  14. Fatigue strength of cold-rolled Spring-Temper strip
  15. Effect of Heat Treatment on Modulus of Rigidity and Damping Decrement in Torsion of Cold-Drawn Wire

Spring Design Considerations - Specifications for Spring Wire

Specifications for Spring Wire

Temper Heat Treatment,
°F/hr, A.C.
Service Temp.,
AMS Specification
Size, in.
Min. Tensile
Strength, ksi
No.1 1350/16 Up to 1000 5698 Up to 0.025 155
Over 0.025-0.500 165
Spring 1200/4 Up to 700 5699 0.012 to 0.250 220
Over 0.250-0.418 200
Over 0.418-0.500 180
Spring 2100/2+
900 - 1200 5699 0.012-0.250 150
Over 0.250-0.500 145

Two tempers exists, the most common Inconel X-750 is precipitation heat treated to a spring temper condition. In this state, it has temperature resistance to 700° F. The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) approves this hard temper to Specification MR-01-75 (Rc 50 maximum) for compression springs. No.1 temper has a lower tensile strength but provides temperature protection to 1000°F. Both spring temper and No.1 temper may be heat treated in either an open air or atmosphere controlled furnace. Open air heat treatment may produce oxidation which often results in a black ash residue. An atmosphere controlled environment eliminates oxidation and produces a component with no residue. Rings and springs manufactured from Inconel have a blue / silver-gray color and exhibit no magnetism.

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