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Inconel X-750 Springs

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  1. Coefficient of Expansion
  2. Curie Temperature
  3. Density
  4. Emissivity Oxidized Surface
  5. Linear Contraction During Precipitation Treatment
  6. Magnetic Permeability
  7. Melting Point
  8. Melting Range
  9. Modulus of Elasticity
  10. Modulus of Rigidity
  11. Tensile Strength and Service Temperature

Physical Constants - Modulus of Elasticity

Modulus of Elasticity
Spring Temper + Aged kN/mm2 2,218.0
ksi 31,619
Spring Temper + 3 Part Heat Treated kN/mm2 2,212.4
ksi 30,806
No.1 Spring Temper + Aged kN/mm2 2,213.7
ksi 30,995
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